Friday, 14 July 2017

Macbeth essay

I think we feel sympathetic for Macbeth because despite all of the horrible things Macbeth has done for example, killing children, ordering the death of his best friend and even killing the king, we feel sorry for him because he was a honourable and brave person also he feels bad for what he has done.

We feel sorry for Macbeth because he was so occupied with so many bad things inside his head. ‘My mind is full of scorpions’. That quote is a metaphor meaning that his mind is filled with problems like death and craziness. It also means that his mind is filled with poison which means his mind is full of bad things. The quote is really sad because he does not know what to do as his minds are full of scorpions.

The other reason we feel sorry for Macbeth is because he is considered as a brave hero who has done many good things but kills the king which messes his career.’brave macbeth’. That quote tells us that he was a good man but he messes it up because he kills Duncan, and when he turns into a bad king people do not see him as a brave man or a hero.

We feel sorry for Macbeth because he was questioned by his wife if he was a man to kill Duncan which is really unfortunate because he didn't want to kill Duncan. The quote ‘are you not a man’ tells us that she is really trying to persuade Macbeth to kill Duncan because if lady Macbeth is questioning his manhood we can tell that Macbeth would think about it.

We feel sorry for Macbeth because he has so many problems in his head that he is starting to hallucinate things. The quote ‘is this a dagger I see before me’ has greater meaning because ever since lady Macbeth was trying to persuade him and the witches told him the prophecy Macbeth has been going crazy about it and started hallucinating a dagger which causes him to kill Duncan.

We feel sorry for Macbeth because his wife died. The reason this being is because his wife wanted so many good things to happen to Macbeth even if that is killing the king. The quote ‘she should have died hereafter’ tells us that Macbeth knew that lady Macbeth wanted the best of him because even though he knew what himself and lady Macbeth did was wrong she wanted him to become king.

We feel sorry for Macbeth because he had to be an evil person even though he didn't want to. The quote ‘look like an innocent flower and be a serpent under the t’ tells us that he has to be told to be an innocent person because he cannot stand the guilt for killing Duncan. Also he has to be innocent so that no one will no that he killed Duncan.

In conclusion we feel sorry for macbeth because originally he was a good person who was persuaded to kill Duncan. Also after he killed Duncan there were many times when bad things struck unto Macbeth for example when he said full of scorpions is my mind it shows that there is evil and bad things happening to him.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Flaf sonet

as 'an evil and inhuman group of men'.95 Effectively, it transformed them into subhuman savages and animals that needed to be hunted down and smoked out of their caves.
We have had much prosperity in the world, my wife; we have had neither death nor dishonour; we—” “If this isn' t dishonour, father, what is?

 The unspeakable war and the savage Japanese soldiers who would never surrender ..... Without bushido's terrible sanction of dishonour, a host of Japanese would have given themselves up,
The depths of dishonour: Hidden voices and shameful crimes. An inspection of the police response to honour

Dick's pen, so often dipped in an ink-standish, is dirty, and detrimental, consequently dishonour; so that Dick.
 two men were Daniel McCann and Sean Savage, another known Provo gunman, travelling under false identities.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The dangerous weapon.

There was once a city in the future which was very peaceful and would never go to war. It had the best defences you could think off and it was all because of the king. The king did many things to protect his city. But there was this man who had invented something so strong, so powerful, so indestructible it could destroy a whole city in just seconds. This weapon was could the apothecon servant. It would shoot out black holes and what powered it was a stone, a stone called apocal. The inventor wanted to test this weapon of destruction in the woods. He prepared himself to shoot this weapon and when he shot the weapon the knock back was so strong that he went flying to the tree behind him. The black hole that he launched from the apothecon servant was so powerful it almost destroyed the whole of the woods. Once he saw what a weapon like this can do he was thinking about showing the president but didn't want to at the same time. He would think about what the president might do to him as it was a peaceful city. He was thinking that the president may praise him for his amazing invention but may kill him for making a weapon of mass destruction. He was thinking about it and finally he wanted to show the president his invention.

As he went to the president he saw this beautiful mansion which had decorations with dragons on it. It also had a knight wielding a gigantic iron sword. He was scared to confront the president but he had to. So he went to the gates and saw to guards standing by it. As he was walking the guards put him to an halt and asked what he wanted. The man said he wanted to see the president but the guards said that no one was allowed to see him. But the man pleaded and pleaded until one of the guards went inside to inform the president. The guard told president alucard that someone was waiting for him and the president asked what he was doing here, the guard responded saying that wasn't sure. So the president went outside saying to the inventor who are you. The inventor responded saying he was a inventor who made something that may be useful to the city. The inventor showed the man his invention the apothecary servant. The president looked very pleased with what the man made. He asked the inventor what it does and he said that it would shoot terrifying black holes that would suck up anything for some limited time. The king asked the man to shoot it at a stone wall that was abandoned and the inventor asked the president to take cover. As he shot he had a great knock back again but this time he could control it more. The stone wall was being obliterated as it was twisting like a tornado. When the black hole reached its time limit there was nothing left of the stone wall.

The president was very impressed about it and wanted to invite him in his mansion. The man was filled with joy inside that the king loved this invention. As he went inside the castle the president wanted to ask him something that he would love to happen. The king asked him to become a weapon designed. The inventor felt really honoured with this. The man agreed into being one. The following day the president made an announcement about his new weapon maker. And as the inventor stepped forward he saw millions of people cheering at him and throwing him flowers. The president presented him as a new weapon maker nd that was were his legacy had started.

Friday, 31 March 2017


Comparative Poetry - Essay Frame
Use the essay frame below to compare the poems
Compare how the poets in Flanders Fields and We Shall Keep the Faith express ideas of war
Both poems In Flanders Fields and We Shall Keep the Faith are about how we owe the dead people of ww1 for what they did.
The writers in both poems express how they will represent the dead soilders
by wearing Poppy's
This makes the reader think that the people that fought in World War One is asking us to represent them by holding a torch.
Both poems use symbolism. In Flanders Fields the poet uses a torch to represent hope and life.
Similarly in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet uses  poppy to represent the dead in ww1
This makes the reader think war is harsh because they died fighting for our country
Both poems use imagery. In Flanders Field the poet uses between the crosses, row on row that marks our place,to create a picture of a row of coffins that are surrounded by Poppy's
Similarly in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet uses ‘.......’ to create the sound of….
This creates the sense that war is…. Because….
Overall, both poems are trying to express the idea that war is harsh because they have to leave their family.
In particular, In Flanders Field the poet is trying to say that they died for us and now we have to repay them by representing them.
While in We Shall Keep the Faith the poet is saying that that they will honour them by wearing a poppy and holding a torch.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am from

I am from a place which has thrilling rides
I am from crispy succulent KFC chicken
I am from my entertaining PS4
I am from you need to keep your chin up
I am from the crowded places of Stratford
I am from the rush of excitement from overwatch
I am from the all black addidas tracksuit.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Flaf poetry

Residence of all evil.
 If you look carefully at the word pandemonium,
 you'll see the word demon inside it.
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, 
that creature's controller may have it deal damage equal to its power to target creature or player of his or her choice.
 Flavor Text: "If we cannot live proudly, we die so".
The whole lobby was a perfect pandemoniu

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The British

It leaves me thinking about how the world is today and how people are treated un-equally.

Zephaniah uses the form of poetry to express the idea
That of different cultures. This form is
best shown in the quote Treat everyone the same

This is intresting because it makes me think
of how the world will be in the future

Zephaniah uses the lexical field of Nationalities 
This is shown with the words such as English and Japanese

The words express the idea
That people shouldn't be divided by their cultures

Zephaniah uses imperatives such 
As mix
To express the idea 
That 'cooking terms'
This conveys a tone of cultures making the reader
Think of the differences and similarities we have

Zephaniah uses the quote 'add lots of Normans, French to some Angle saxons, Jutes and Vikings then stir vigorously' he uses a metaphor beacuase you can't stir in real life.